Tips to get the most out of your hair service


  1. Consultation: If you are trying a salon for the first time , set up a consultation with the stylist. Bring photos of styles and colors that you do and do not like. Have realistic expectations of how you want your hair to look. Take face shape, hair length, texture and your lifesyle into consideration. Are you willing to spend 30 minues styling your hair before work in the morning??


  1. Timing: Set aside the correct amount of time for your hair service. Your hair will come out better if you aren’t rushing your stylist so you can make it to your 1:00 yoga class. One hour for haircuts and 2-3 hours for color services are standard. Also, park in the parking garage to avoid tickets at the parking meters if your appointment takes longer than expected.


  1. Budget: If you are on a tight budget consider doing a full foil every other or every third time you come in for your highlights. You can get a partial or even a sunkissed foil in between full foils. Consider a service with less maintenance. For example, red hair color fades fast so it will need to be touched up more often than if you add subtle highlights around your face.


  1. Think Ahead: Prebook your appointments before you leave the salon. Life happens and before you know it, it’s been six months since your last haircut. Keep those ends fresh to avoid having  more hair cut off. With color, the longer you wait in between appointments the more it is going to cost to have your hair touched up. Six to 8 weeks between haircuts and 4-6 weeks in between color will keep your hair looking great!


  1. At Home Care: Take professional prodcuts home with you. If you truly want to recreate your look at home you will need the right tools and products to do so. In addition to being able to create the same look at home, products will keep your hair healthy, and extend the life of your color. Professional products are concentrated and last longer than drugstore products. There is a reason why we use what we use; ask us, we will be more than happy to explain the many benefits of salon quality products!
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