Tips for beating the winter blues

We all notice it… everything gets kind of drab in the winter. The trees, the sky, our skin and hair! If you are feeling blah this season try these tips to beat the winter blues!

– Get your hair trimmed.  Freshly trimmed hair will most definitely look healthier and you wont find yourself struggling when your trying to get ready and your stressing because you’re late and your hair won’t hold a style of any kind because it’s too heavy and ratty.

-There’s nothing worse than “winter fly-away” hair.  A dehydrated scalp produces less oils, which can make hair look like you stuck your finger in an electrical outlet. Don’t be shy with your conditioner, and also supplement natural oils by combining a bit of Nourishing Oil Treatment, Shine Drops or Revive Oil through the hair before bed to replenish moisture. If static is still following you around, consider using Boar bristle brushes, a natural bristle brush will redistribute oils from the scalp to the rest of the hair. Conclusion: Boar bristle brushes conduct less static than plastic brushes and combs. Need a quick fix? Carry a leave-in conditioner in your purse and use through out the day by running a bit of it through your locks! Believe it or not, you can run an unscented dryer sheet over the hair before heading out the door.  Stick to cotton hats during the winter season (conducts much less static electricity than acrylic and wool).

-Your hair wants and needs a little extra TLC during the wintertime. Frequent shampooing strips moisture from the scalp and hair, so wash strands every other day. If you are one of those people who just can’t fathom the idea of not washing your hair daily then try just conditioning it. Most professional hair products are water soluble and only need water to rinse them out. Only conditioning will add the moisture you need and your hair will feel clean and manageable.  Everyone’s hair is different — if washing once or twice a week is normal for you, consider adding some time between shampoos to take dry winter conditions into account.

-Dull skin can be rejuvenated by having regular facials done by a professional. Facials are designed to exfoliate dead and flaky skin to restore the natural glow that people long for. They will give skin an overall healthier appearance. We recommend our Custom Essential Facial (this facial is customized to your individual needs). Taking home the right product will also benefit your skin a great deal. We recommend starting with a great cleanser (Vegetable Cleanser from B.Kamins) and following with the right moisturizer for your skin type.

-Skip the chemical tans that come in take-home spray bottles and lotions. They usually contain harsh chemicals that you should avoid putting on the skin and will most likely not provide the natural tan that you are looking for.  Tanning booths are definitely not a good idea either because of the risk of skin cancer. Instead, opt for an Vani-T organic spray tan.

-Drink plenty of H2O so that the skin gets the water it needs to maintain the youthful cells. If it doesn’t get enough water, then it will look aged and dehydrated.

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