My Eyelash Extension Experience

Today I wore mascara for the first time in over three weeks. And it was terrible. I thought getting eyelash extensions was going to be fun and glamorous, but definitely not something I would keep up with. Little did I know it would be life changing.


Now before you roll your eyes or scoff at the statement, let’s back up to about a month ago. One of my best friends is a super talented hairstylist and owner of a salon (lucky me, huh?!) and she asked me to be a model for eyelash extensions. I mean, who am I to turn down a modeling gig? Me and Kate Moss are pretty much spirit animals. So I said, “yes, sign me up.”


Then I started to get nervous. Like who do I think I am getting EYELASH extensions? Beyonce? I’m a high school English teacher with a two year old. Definitely not living a glamorous lifestyle. But I decided to keep the appointment, suck it up and help out my friend.


I was told I had to go to the appointment with no makeup on. It was already starting out to be a rough morning. I don’t go anywhere without makeup on. I even had some on in the hospital after I had my son. But that’s another story for another day. I met the esthetician, Nastassia, and was brought into a nice, relaxing room. We sat down and chatted about what I was looking for (nothing too crazy, natural, but noticeable). She picked out the lashes that would work for me and I was told to lay down. This was the only weird part of the session, because she had to tape my lower lashes down so that they didn’t mix with the upper lashes, so I looked pretty scary. But luckily it was just her and I’m sure she’s used to it.


We chatted, I listened to music and I even tried to nap (which is pretty hard to do while someone is working on your eyelashes). The whole process took about three hours. Now, before you freak out about the amount of time… Remember, this isn’t just a strip of lashes like you would buy at Rite Aid. These are individual lashes that are glued INDIVIDUALLY to your own lashes. That would take me three years, so three hours is pretty impressive.


After she finished applying my lashes she went over how to take care of them. As I previously mentioned, I am a teacher and therefore a pretty good rule follower. So when she gave me directions, I followed them. But even if you’re not, they’re still easy to care for. All you need to do is wash them with the soap she supplies you with and brush them (again, she supplies the brushes) twice a day. It’s that simple.


And just like that I was an eyelash extension believer. I just couldn’t believe how great they looked. It was like the perfect mascara day without any of the goop. The best part about having eyelash extensions was the confidence it gave me. I truly don’t go anywhere without a little makeup on. But for the last three weeks everything changed. I would go to the grocery store, swimming lessons or even the park without any makeup on. I would get up, wash my face, brush out my lashes, and go. It was that simple and it was that much of a game changer for me.
I don’t make a million dollars and before having this experience, I probably wouldn’t have thought twice about having eyelash extensions. But now they are in my budget and I can’t wait to get my next set. They are worth it, they are awesome and they are completely life changing.

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