Lash Envy

I think everyone has a friend with über eyelashes – those long, thick, dark gorgeous lashes that make you positively envious.  And you know that short of buying fake lashes in bulk and actually spending the time putting them on (if you can even put them on well!) there’s nothing you can do about it… right?  Wrong!  There’s eyelash extensions!  Celebs love them, and you can easily fall in love with them yourself!

So what exactly are they?  There are three different types of eyelash extensions: synthetic, silk, and mink.  And they come in a variety of different sizes, from 6mm to 17mm (your lash expert will help you pick what’s right for you).  Each lash is applied one at a time to a single one of your natural lashes using a special semi-permanent glue that will not irritate your eyes or damage your natural eyelash!

How does it work?  Firstly, make sure to find a licensed technician who knows what they’re doing!  That is the best way to make sure you’re getting your money’s worth! Nastassia is the lash expert at Studio 90. To get a full set of lashes it takes about two hours, during which time you’re sitting and relaxing with your eyes closed while your technician does all the work.  Each lash extension is put onto a single one of your natural lashes, so they will eventually shed, and a touch-up session is recommended every two to three weeks.   You can always add more lashes if you want more drama!  And despite what you may have heard, it doesn’t damage your natural lash at all if they are put on correctly!

Maintenance.  There are a couple things to keep in mind after getting this done.  Keep away from water for 12-24 hours after each application, the glue needs time to dry and set, so make sure to shower before your appointment!   You also need to avoid oil-based products, like make-up remover and mascara, because it can weaken certain types of glue.  If you still feel the need to use mascara, you should try to only lightly put it on the tips of your extensions, because using it at the base will make it get clumpy and weaken the bond.  And no using water-proof mascara!  Since it’s so hard to get off, you might pull off your extensions along with the mascara.  And obviously don’t rub your eyes or pull on the extensions, (duh!)  Aside from that, all you need to worry about are the touch-up sessions!

So, make an appointment, and then after just a couple hours, enjoy your lovely, improved lashes!
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