Extensions… A girl’s best friend!

Do you ever see pictures of celebrities from award seasons or during a press tour and notice how their cute bob goes to long luscious locks overnight?  Well, it’s not magic, it’s hair extensions!  And it’s not just for the rich and famous, you can get them too!  Plus there are different options, it’s not a ‘one-size-fits-all’ deal.  So think about what you want to achieve and do a bit of research, you’ll definitely find what’s best for you!

Is your hair fine or flat?  Then perhaps you’d like to add more volume.  If that’s the case then human hair extensions (like Aqua Hair Extensions which use 100% Remy double strand human hair) are probably right for you!  Not only do they give you volume that would make even a Pantene spokeswoman positively green with envy, they also covers up any split ends or breakage you might have.  (Like from that time you tried to cut your own hair…) Your hair will look amazing and healthy, and all you need to do is pay a visit to your favorite stylist to get the look!

Stuck in a hairstyle rut?  Maybe you’re bored with your current look?  Maybe you should try out some clip in hair extensions, it’s a super quick and easy way to change-up your style!  You can simply add length, up to 20” in just a couple hours!  Or you could add a pop of color (like pink!) for a fun new look.  Or if that’s too extreme for you, you could add some highlights without damaging your natural hair!

There’s truly something for everyone, and the amazing thing?  It’s not permanent.  Unlike cutting or coloring your hair, extensions are totally removable if you don’t like them, or feel like changing-up your style again.  And there’s little to no effect on your own hair, so again, unlike repeated box dye jobs, your hair isn’t going to be fried.  Plus, there’s not only the style you leave the salon with to think about, there are endless styling possibilities when you get back home, because when you use human hair extensions you can treat them just like your natural hair.  They can be cut and styled, heated, curled or straightened, washed, and even colored!

So think about what you might want or need.  Then do some of your own research.  And make an appointment with your hair stylist to get the job done.  Then finally, enjoy your fabulous new hairstyle!
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