Chemical Peels

Interested in a chemical peel? I was too, but like most people I talk to I was worried about how I would look after. Would my face look like my esthetician took a blow torch to it? Would I be puffy and swollen and peel like from a bad sunburn? We’ve all heard horror stories and I’m here to clear the air.

The Consult:

First things first, a consultation was required to see if I was an ideal candidate to receive a chemical peel. Turns out I was; most people are, I’ve been told. I thought I would go in and get the peel after the consultation that day. Nope, I was instructed to follow a new skin care regimen for the two weeks leading up to my appointment, to get my skin prepped for the peel. For the best results you should be using products recommended by your skin care clinician. I was now on a new skin care regimen that included PCA products. I love them, just saying. No waxing and no retin-a (from a doctor) seven days prior to a peel. Okay, got it. I don’t wax my eyebrows that often so a couple more weeks won’t hurt.

The Peel:

So it was finally time for my peel. Eeeek I was nervous. But not for any specific reason, just little butterflies before you try something new. Was it going to hurt? They say no but who am I kidding, they tell you that at the doctors when you get a shot…. always hurts. So, for this chemical peel I was prepped like you normally are for a facial. On the esthetics bed, with your hair pulled back in one of those little headbands, under the blankets (the one under me was heated!) relaxing. So far so good.

My face was cleansed and toned and then it was time for the peel. I was expecting this gooey solution that would sit on my face for 45 minutes while my esthetician went out of the room for a lunch break. Wrong. It wasn’t gooey at all and it was applied with cottons squares and not a fan brush like I thought. The smell was strong (only uncomfortable part) and didn’t hurt when it was applied to my face. Aside from the tiniest bit of tingling near my nose, I couldn’t even tell something was on my face. I was asked where it tingled and if it hurt. It definitely didn’t hurt. After a couple of minutes she applied a second layer of the chemical peel solution. The tingling didn’t get worse, just started in a different spot. And then it was over. No more tingling, no burning at all. Painless! It took all of 20 minutes for this procedure. Before leaving, serums were applied to my face and I was instructed on how to care for my skin going forward.

Post Peel:

Immediately after the peel my skin was glowing. That Hollywood glow that all the stars have. I loved it! No washing for the rest of the night. I was told to avoid any heat, steam or exercise for 48 hours and to follow the post peel skin care regimen. I was even given this cute little post peel product bag with everything I needed for the next three weeks. No peeling or redness so far. Some bumpy spots under my skin have gone away and it feels so smooth. I can’t wait for my next one!

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